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2022 American Legion Southeast Regional - Drew Meadows, Marcus Neil, Jason Klingler and Matt Cerimele (CC)


2022 Class 5A State Championship Crew Game #1 Perry Richardson, Chris Padgett, Gary Center and Rich LiVolsi

TK-Fort Mill baseball1_52122

Chris Padgett


Julius Green


Gary Center


Mike Fowler

Chase Cunningham, Clint Lawson, Adam Ohlmann and Gary Keller

Gary Keller, Greg Chance and Matt Cerimele

Barry Chambers, Gary Keller and Chris Padgett

Perry Ramicone

Sam Burgess, Perry Richardson, Ryan Graham and Greg Chance

Gary Center

Gary Keller

Fred Eierman

Adam Ohlmann

Chris Padgett and Julius Green

Garland Reddick, Ian Giammanco & Jack Phillips

Zelton Steed and President Bush @ SMU

Remembering our friend Daniel Cox

Daniel Cox

Guy Hudson

C.J. Crider

Brian Bennett

Ronnie Locklear and Brandon Belue

2017 - Catawba Umpires Association Camp Group Photo

Greg Chance - 2017 Class 5A State Championship

Jared Steele - 2017 Class 5A State Championship

Toby Atwood

Neil Couch

2017 Catawba Umpires Association 3 Man Training Camp

Toby Atwood

Toby Atwood

Daniel Cox

Garland Reddick

Jack Phillips

Anthony Greene

Gary Center

Daniel Cox

Gary Center - 2015 Class A State Championship Game

Garland Reddick

David Sherrin

Jack Phillips

Lawrence Reeves

Gary Keller

Greg Chance, Lawrence Reeves, Daniel Cox

Interested in Joining Catawba Umpires Association?  Or Just Want Additional Information?


Catawba Umpires Association members umpire Rec League, Middle School, High School and American Legion baseball throughout South Carolina.  We train our members and provide excellent umpires for the teams in our area.
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